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Cricket Combo

Enjoy Cricket with Combo Deal
1 Regular Pizza, 1 Personal Pan Pizza, 1.5 Liter Soft Drink

Rs. 888
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Yayvo PSL 2019

50% off on regular pizza through Yayvo codes

Rs. 550
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Seekh Kabab Overload

Try NEW Seekh Kabab Overload Pizza and give your taste buds a Desi Twist. Get FREE Drinks and Wedges on your order!

Rs. 1,200
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Buy 1 Get 2 Free

Buy a Large Pizza, Get a Regular and a Small Pizza FREE!

Rs. 1,650
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Enjoy 2 Legend Flavors in our huge Large Pizza with no extra charges!

Rs. 1,650
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XXL Special

1 XXL Pizza, 12 Potato Wedges, 2 Dip Sauce, 1 Large Drink

Rs. 2,599
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Pan 4 All

4 Personal Pan Pizzas, 4 Pcs Garlic Bread & 1.5 Ltr. Drink

Rs. 1,299
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Wow Deals

1 Personal Pan Pizza, 2 Pcs. Garlic Bread and 345ml soft Drink

Rs. 399
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Wow Double Deals

Two Personal Pan Pizzas and Two Small Drink

Rs. 699